CloakX has partnered with Creative Commons to create CC+ (CC Plus) - a system for user-generated content sharing and collaboration that dramatically expands the CC soft copyright concept. "CC+ will enable you to continue offering your work to the public for noncommercial use, said Lawrence Lessig, Creative Commons CEO, but will also give you an easy way to sell commercial licensing rights to those who want to use your work for profit." A Creative Commons license with CC+ will provide a link to secure commercial rights, and to services of use such as warranty, ability to use without attribution, access to performance and physical media.

The CC+ protocol employs CloakX, a new technology for digital media that enables and restores the rights of legitimate users while insuring that digital content creators receive fair compensation for the use of their products. CC+ with CloakX enables version tracking and ownership certification.

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Fair Use:
A New Technology for Digital Media

Computers Don't Buy Media

CloakX is not another DRM (digital rights management) system. Rather, in the CloakX system, digital content is registered to the person, rather than to the devices he owns. Brilliant! This is also fair. Finally, customers can control the media they buy. They can move it from their computer to their iPod to whatever device they want, legally and easily. Finally, customers are freed from the tyranny of proprietary playback devices. Finally, they can use their media however and whenever they want.

The system is based on a unique buyer and seller identity, rather than authentication. Because the system is based on identity, this gives customers built-in recovery insurance. If they lose their iPod, for example, they can recover all of their tunes and movies and whatever media they bought and registered.

The system is also viral. Media users can share their media with their friends -- without fear of the Media Police. In addition, CloakX provides benefits for both the user and the content owner or publisher. The CloakX system offers a licensed viral sharing system that permits the artist or copyright holder to determine how content is paid for and shared.

Sharing, Sharing & More Sharing

When digital content is sold, what is actually being sold? Is the content a file that can be infinitely copied? If so, which copy actually belongs to the buyer? And what is the buyer actually paying for? There is a simple answer: The buyer purchases the right to use the files and pays a formatting and delivery charge. To make this concept work, the usage right needs to be more than words in a shrink wrap license. CloakX makes this scenario into something real. CloakX is fair.